High Quality Composite Doors

Combining traditional design with modern materials


With Thistle Windows & Conservatories you can combine traditional design and modern materials with our VEKA composite door collection.


The VEKA composite door offers all the traditional good looks of timber without any of the drawbacks. While timber may crack, split or warp and of course, need regular sanding and re-painting, uPVC requires very little maintenance and offers all the security, performance and long-life expectancy of modern materials.



Palladio Monocoque Doors

Unique construction for enhanced security


Your new front door has to protect your home against intruders, keep the heat in and the weather out and of course, it also has to look beautiful.


As well as being incredibly secure, well insulated and weatherproof, the Palladio Door collection at Thistle Windows & Conservatories offers you the choice of 26 stunning designs in fabulous colours to compliment your home.



uPVC French Doors

Classically elegant looks, modern energy efficiency


uPVC French Doors are a stylish way to open up your home to fresh air and fine weather, while gaining easy access to your patio, garden or balcony.


With classically elegant good looks that you’ll love, French Doors can be inward or outward opening, whichever options best suits your space – plus, they can be designed and installed with sidelight and fanlight combinations.



uPVC Bifold Doors

A contemporary way to let light into your home


uPVC Bifold Doors are a contemporary way to create stunning, light-filled living areas – transforming your home and blurring the lines between where your home ends and your garden begins.


Our energy-efficient Bifold Doors ‘concertina’ back upon themselves to create a stunning entranceway that lets the best of the outdoors in, and can be installed so that the doors sit inside or outside the property when folded back.



uPVC Sliding Patio Doors

A practical and stylish gateway


Our stylish, in-line sliding Patio Doors are specially designed to provide a luxurious gateway to your garden or conservatory/home extension – without taking up any of your valuable living space.


Perfect for Living Rooms, Dining Rooms or Kitchen Extensions, and also very popular on Porches, these uPVC Patio Doors are both stylish and practical.  A one-piece stainless steel track enables effortless opening and closing, allowing easy access to your outdoor space, while truly letting your house breath.